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This is a side profile decal of USCG - HH65A/B. The decal is contour cut, which means that the helicopter is cut out of the vinyl, and the upper and lower text float free.  The decal broken into three separate stickers, upper text, aircraft, lower text. For installation the decals are held in place by a plastic transfer film which is removed once applied. Decal is printed with durable ecosolvent ink on tough 6 mil white vinyl. The decal is designed for outside applications on windows of cars or any other smooth surface.


  • This decal is available in multiple sizes, 8.5 inches wide being the most common .  Other sizes up to 24 inches plus, are available on request.  We encourage you to modify the the "Tail Number", "Upper Text (Flight Program text)" and "Lower Text (Crew Position)" . There are no extra costs for modifications.  There is an option to have this graphic placed on a US style license plate.

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