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Flight Program:

Use the "Flight Program" Box to have your Flight Program name put above the wings.  For example "Life Angel 1".  Any other text line may requested for upper text.  Use the "Customer Notes" to make any special requests.  Please limit text line to no more than 20 characters (including spaces)

Crew Position:

You may have your crew position or any other text placed below the wings at no additional charge. You may use the Crew Position pull down menu or request special text via the "Customer Notes".

Format of Decal:

This decal is available on white vinyl, reflective vinyl or License Plate.  The choices are found on the "Format" pull down menu. Prices very upon selection.

Decal Size/Width:

The width of the decal may be selected by using the "Decal Width" pull down menu.  If you choose License plate (above) select License plate here too. Prices very depending on selection.


If the option you require is not listed, please write your request in the "Customer Notes".

Prices will vary depending on which options you choose. Price will be reflected when a different option is chosen.


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