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"The best years of my life, with the best people I have ever known,

the men and women of the U.S. Coast Guard"


This is Mark from   I am the creator, owner, operator and graphic designer here at my small home-based company in Sweetwater, TN.  I began back in 2008 with a $300 plotter and a willingness to sacrifice a majority of my free time.  I initially began the company with hopes of providing my kids with a way to make extra money while going to school.  The kids have henceforth left the nest and the company has grown into an income producer and has advanced in equipment technology 100-fold. 

As far back as I can remember, I loved to draw aircraft.  Over the past 15 years I have drawn over 3000 aircraft, wings, and patches for all walks of Aviation.  The basic idea of was to supply Aircraft decals for helicopter EMS bases.  Not just any decal.  The decal had to be a true representation of the actual aircraft flown at that base and display the crewmembers position within the crew.  My motto is “It’s all in the details!” and my policy is that the customer is always right.

I have always felt great pride and appreciation for all my aviation brothers and sisters.   It was always a sad affair when I learned of crashes that cost the lives of EMS Crews.  As a small part of giving back, I have supplied at not cost, memorial stickers to the base, family, and friends of those that have lost their lives while taking to the air to assist others. Those decals will always be available, just contact us if you 

want one.

Why buy from me?  Because I am not just a graphic artist, I too am an aviation professional with over 6500 hours in helicopters.  I am a 24-year veteran of the United States Coast Guard and have flown over 19 years in civilian HEMS programs.  I have logged time in the T-34C, TH-57, HH-65, AS-350, BO-105, Bell-206 and the Bell-407.  I know aircraft, I know flight crews, I know the business.  So, when you talk to me about your decals, I will have a full understanding as to what you want.

By the way, if by chance you find a black hair or two shipped with your decal, I apologize in advance.  You see, while working I am usually accompanied by my Labrador retrievers, who often try to participate in the manufacturing process.

Mark Jessen

Last Flight, U.S. Coast Guard 2004,
Air Station Corpus Christi TX
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