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About Patches to Decals


Yes, we can make your current patch into a decal, or even create a new decal from scratch.  If you have a patch, send us a picture of your it, or a computer graphic.  You can use either the drop box to the right, email or text us.

If you would like a patch created, send us a general description of what you have in mind.  If you have no idea what you want, it would be best to call us.  With a little background on your program and area, we can usually come up with a nifty decal.  If you would like the decal turned into a stitched patch, we can offer you a quote.  A normal order of 50 patches normally runs around $300, it is not recommend to order less than 50, it is very cost prohibitive.

Please include your cell phone number so we can text you a pic of the finished graphic.

Submit your Patch Here

or text 423 836-3874

10 mb download

Just Remember, these are decals NOT PATCHES!



Click on a decal!  Most have options to personalize to your base and profession.

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