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Aviation Stiens & Mugs

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The customized beer stein has been a traditional collection item of Airmen though out the history of Aviation.  Our steins and coffee mugs are customized to reflect the owner of such an item.  Our traditional mug is customized with a base patch, Aircraft, a set of wings and the recipients name.

Mugs are great gifts or presentations for:

- Individual base coffee mugs directed toward team building.

- Farewell and retirement mugs which include recipients time of service

- Achievement mugs indicating number of patient flights, Years of employment, Flight hours.

If you are interested in a mug, please fill out the Mug Pre-Order form.  After we receive the form, we will create a graphic of your mug and send it to your cell phone for approval.  Once approved, we will bill you via online invoice.  When payment is received, we will customize your mug and ship it to you.

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